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Imperial Elite Upper Body Protection System


Hard shell back plate offers a raised center for optimal spinal cord protection Shoulder and side adjustable for increased flexibility and range of movement Adjustable and removable groin protector

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DFX2 was designed to provide substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the fit or comfort. The chest, shoulders, and back hard shell panels have a modular flex design allowing for all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably without sacrificing much needed mobility. The chest portion of the suit features an aluminum stab plate insert for additional protection. The back plate offers a raised portion in the center that protects the spine from blunt force injury. Lightweight cellular Protium foam pad design for maximum movement and protection. 3mm Electrum XK8 hard shell front and back panels feature a unique Damascus 3-panel flex design for optimum movement, fit and comfort. Aluminum Plate insert for the chest portion offers ultimate protection from stab and projectiles (non-ballistic). Hard shell back plate offers a raised center for optimal spinal cord protection. Electrum XK8 plate with shock absorbing Protium foam covers both top of shoulder and upper arm.

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