Glock 29 Extended Mag – 10mm 30rd Clear


Elite Tactical Systems Group Magazine, 10MM, 30Rd, Clear, Fits Glock 20/29/40 GLK-20-30

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The Elite Tactical Systems Translucent 10mm 30-Round magazines are designed to be durable, practical and superior compared to standard Glock magazines.

This 30-rnd magazine fits all Glock 20/29/40 seamlessly, there will be no feeding issues with these magazines. Creep resistance guarantees so it won’t cause malfunction even after being stored fully-loaded for long periods of time.

Translucent magazine allows you to quickly check the remaining ammo count and type. You may think that a translucent magazine could be more fragile than standard steel/aluminum magazines however, it is the opposite, the ETS translucent magazines are designed to be extremely resistant to impact and highly resistant to harsh chemicals.

Advanced Polymer used in these magazines allows it to have superior heat, cold and UV resistance, this material ensures the magazine won’t become brittle over time even when exposed to harsh weather conditions like extreme cold.


  • Advanced Polymer provides extreme impact and heat/cold/UV resistance
  • Fits all 10mm Glock 20/29/40
  • Massive 30-round capacity
  • Translucent body allows you to quickly count remaining ammo
  • Easy to disassemble thanks to special base plate design
  • Creep Resistance allows you to store fully-loaded with no worries for long periods of time
  • Lifetime warranty!

This magazine can carry significant amount of ammunition, this can turn any compatible Glock into a fun range gun or a serious home-defense gun, you can fight-off an army of burglars if you had to. Combined with the stopping power of 10mm, this magazine can turn your Glock into a considerable force to be reckoned with, in almost any situation.

This magazine is quite the upgrade from your outdated steel or aluminum magazines, being able to see through the mag allows you to count and see which type of ammo is left in there, along with how lightweight and durable these magazines are, this could be exactly what you are looking for in your next upgrade!

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