Flir Scout TK Thermal Monocular


FLIR Scout TK, 160 x 120 VOx Microbolometer, 640×480 LCD Display, FLIR Scout Series Thermal Handheld Camera with WhiteHot, BlackHot, InstAlert, Graded Fire video palettes, FLIR Digital Enhancement, Green 431-0012-21-00S

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The FLIR Scout TK is a thermal monocular that gives you the ability to see in the dark and spot the heat signatures, the hotter the heat signature the brighter and clearer the image of that object, human or animal will be. It also works in daylight, it can help you find animal heat signatures that might be hidden to the naked eye, camouflaged with the terrain.

It has a number of uses, you can use it for threat assessment, meaning, if you heard something in your back yard in the middle of the night, you can quickly have a look with the FLIR Scout TK and see if anyone hiding in a bush or going around places, they shouldn’t be.

It is compact, doesn’t take much space, fits in your pocket and can be quickly deployed only requiring a single hand to operate.

The FLIR Scout TK features a built-in 640×480 LCD display, it can provide some really sharp images, you may need to tweak the diopter adjustment to get the best image possible so don’t forget this if you get a blurry image while looking in the display.

The FLIR Scout TK can record videos and take pictures, it has a thermal detection range of 100+ yards (90m). The footage you recorded can be transferred via USB to your PC.


  • 8 Different color palettes to choose from
  • Compact size that makes it convenient enough to fit in a pocket
  • 2 Years standard warranty, 3 years with product registration
  • Image download via USB
  • -4F to 104F (-20C to 40C) operating temperature
  • Only weighs 6 oz (170g)
  • 20 x 16 FOV
  • 5 Hours of operating battery life

FLIR Scout TK supports a number of color palettes; black hot, white hot, InstAlert, rainbow, iron, lava, arctic, graded fire. They each have their unique colors schemes and one can be more advantageous over the other depending on the terrain, weather conditions and the application you use it for.

A small example would be, if you need an image where you need to observe heat signatures to the highest level of detail, you would be better off using Rainbow HC color palette. If you need something that won’t require you to know the tiniest of heat differentiations then you could be tempted to just use the white/black hot modes.

Here is a YouTube review of the FLIR SCOUT TK Thermal Monocular

All in all, the FLIR Scout TK is an amazing thermal monocular that has impressive number of uses in your daily life, we can’t recommend this enough if you need a device like this!

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